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  • Experience The Great Holiday On Beach

    Experience The Great Holiday On Beach

    "Indulge in the ultimate beach getaway. Relax on pristine sands, soak up the sun, and create unforgettable memories by the sea."

    • 5D/4N

    • pax: 6

    • lakshadweep

    (25 reviews)

    $450 / per person

  • Summer Holiday To The Oxolotan River

    Summer Holiday To The Oxolotan River

    "Embark on a summer adventure to the Oxolotan River. Discover scenic beauty, thrilling activities, and moments of serenity along its banks."

    • 7D/6N

    • pax: 10

    • Mexico

    (20 reviews)

    $620 / per person

  • Santorini Island's Weekend Vacation

    Santorini Island's Weekend Vacation

    "Escape to Santorini's charm. Dive into azure waters, savor local cuisine, and witness breathtaking sunsets for an unforgettable weekend getaway."

    • 7D/6N

    • pax: 10

    • Greece

    (40 reviews)

    $780 / per person

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